Smashbox Trap and Trace Class Action

Trap and Trace Class Action Against Smashbox Cosmetics

Smashbox Trap and Trace Class Action

Tauler Smith LLP recently filed a trap and trace class action against Smashbox Cosmetics, and now the legal action is getting significant press coverage. A recent article on the Smashbox lawsuit details how the makeup company has been accused of using TikTok’s “trap and trace” software to unlawfully collect and store the confidential information of website visitors. According to the Los Angeles consumer protection lawyers who filed the lawsuit, Smashbox failed to obtain consent from consumers before acquiring their data via a process known as “fingerprinting.” Now, Smashbox has been sued in a California superior court.

Are you a California resident who visited the Smashbox website? To learn whether you might qualify to join the class action suit as a plaintiff, contact us today.

Smashbox Beauty Cosmetics Accused of Using Illegal Fingerprinting Software

Smashbox Beauty Cosmetics is a cosmetics company that sells primers, foundations, lipsticks, and other types of makeup to consumers both online and in retail stores. The class action lawsuit, which was recently filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, alleges that Smashbox runs “advanced matching” on its website to scan the site “for recognizable form fields containing phone numbers, email addresses, and other identifying information about customers.”

More specifically, the makeup company is accused of using fingerprinting software to match data from otherwise-anonymous website visitors to existing data that has already been stored by social media platform TikTok. The TikTok app then gathers device and browser information, geographic information, referral tracking, and URL tracking. According to the lawsuit, this is done without users’ consent.

Selling Consumer Data to TikTok?

Smashbox allegedly uses the fingerprinting data that it acquires for marketing purposes: so that the company will know as much as possible about website users who can then be targeted with advertisements. Moreover, it is believed by the plaintiffs that Smashbox may be selling this consumer information to third parties like TikTok for similar purposes. Depending on the type of information provided on website forms, this could include things like age, gender, race, and even more intimate details about users.

Lead plaintiffs’ attorney Robert Tauler criticized Smashbox for allegedly sharing sensitive information about consumers who visit the company’s website. According to Tauler, there are no safeguards in place to protect the information that Smashbox allegedly shares with social media companies: “TikTok keeps this data for reasons that our leaders believe pose a threat to ordinary citizens.” The dangers of giving Chinese-owned TikTok access to confidential information about Americans have been highlighted in recent months by the National Security Agency (NSA), which has called the social media company “a platform for surveillance”.

CIPA Consumer Privacy Complaint Filed Against Smashbox

A class action complaint has been filed against Smashbox for alleged violations of the California Trap and Trace Law. That law is contained in California Penal Code § 638.51, which is part of the California Invasion of Privacy Act (CIPA).

Los Angeles consumer fraud attorney Robert Tauler, who brought the digital privacy class action on behalf of the plaintiffs, believes that this legal action will send an important message to companies like Smashbox that may collect consumer data without permission. Tauler said that “Smashbox should consider the negative impact their secret and immoral data collection practices are having on society instead of just trying to acquire young customers at any cost.”

Join the Trap & Trace Class Action Lawsuit Against Smashbox

The California Invasion of Privacy Act (CIPA) gives consumer privacy victims the right to sue for financial compensation. In fact, CIPA complaints alleging trap & trace violations allow for multiple forms of damages to be awarded to successful plaintiffs.

The lawsuit against Smashbox Beauty Cosmetics requests different types of financial compensation for qualifying plaintiffs:

  • Statutory damages pursuant to the California Invasion of Privacy Act (CIPA).
  • Punitive damages to ensure that Smashbox refrains from using trap and trace software in the future.
  • Attorney’s fees and other costs.

Additionally, the consumer privacy class action lawsuit against Smashbox seeks a court order enjoining the company from acquiring and sharing consumer data, as well as an order requiring the company to disgorge all data acquired through the TikTok software.

Did You Visit the Smashbox Website? Contact a California Consumer Protection Attorney Today

If you visited the Smashbox Beauty Cosmetics website and/or filled out any forms on the site, your confidential information may have been unlawfully collected. The Los Angeles consumer protection lawyers at Tauler Smith LLP are currently representing plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit against Smashbox. Call 310-590-3927 or send an email for more information.