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California’s strong digital privacy laws, like the California Invasion of Privacy Act (CIPA) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), have become a popular basis for civil suits filed in state courtrooms. A recent article on the Smashbox class action lawsuit details how the cosmetics company allegedly used trap and trace devices to collect and store confidential information from website visitors. According to attorneys for the plaintiff, the data was acquired automatically as soon as individuals landed on the website: they never even had an opportunity to provide consent.

You can read the article on the Smashbox lawsuit here.

Smashbox Beauty Cosmetics Accused of Using Trap and Trace Devices on Website

The article on the recent trap & trace class action provides important details about the allegations against Smashbox:

“I personally think it is a shame that Smashbox would share intimate details of a young person’s life, including their skin color, with TikTok. TikTok keeps this data for reasons that our leaders believe pose a threat to ordinary citizens,” said the plaintiff’s attorney, Robert Tauler of Tauler Smith. “Smashbox should consider the negative impact their secret and immoral data collection practices are having on society instead of just trying to acquire young customers at any cost.”

Smashbox Beauty Cosmetics is accused of using TikTok’s “trap and trace” software to collect and store website visitors’ private identifying information, allegedly using “fingerprinting” software to collect and store user data without their consent.

“The TikTok Software installed and activated by Defendant captures data and sends it to TikTok’s servers so that TikTok can reconstruct the user’s identity. As part of this arrangement, Defendant has the ability to use some of the data to run an advertising campaign on TikTok to market its business on social media. The objective for TikTok is to gather as much information about Americans as they can, by any means necessary,” the legal complaint alleges. “In this regard, TikTok has recently been identified as ‘a platform for surveillance’ by the director of the National Security Agency.”

Lawsuit: Smashbox Tracking Customer Data Automatically Without Consent

Companies like Smashbox are allegedly coding the software used on their websites to track a user’s identity and personal information, including things like geolocation data, search terms, and payment methods. Customer activity on the websites is being tracked automatically: as soon as a person visits the site, their actions are monitored regardless of whether they actually consented to the monitoring. Moreover, the confidential customer information acquired by Smashbox and other companies on their websites may later be sold to third parties for the purpose of targeted advertisements.

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