Core Practice Areas

  • False Advertising and Unfair Competition

    Healthy competition may be the driving force behind many industries, but unfair competition has the potential to be truly devastating. Our lawyers have handled various cases dealing with federal Lanham Act claims as well as California’s notorious Unfair Competition Law and False Advertising Law and can serve your business efficiently and effectively.

  • Business Disputes

    From straightforward breach of contract cases to novel business torts, Tauler Smith LLP protects companies and professional reputations in a range of business dispute scenarios. Our areas of expertise include breach of contract, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, and other business disputes. Whether you are a plaintiff or defendant, Tauler Smith LLP knows how to present your case effectively to both judges and juries.

  • Nutritional Supplements and Foods

    Tauler Smith LLP has handled numerous disputes in the nutritional supplement industry ranging from bodybuilding drugs to skin care supplements.  Our attorneys are familiar with business practices in the food and supplement industry, including FDA regulations, labeling requirements, and laboratory analysis of products.  Our institutional knowledge of the food and dietary supplement industry provides our team with a working knowledge of disputes between all of the links in the distribution chain and between competitors themselves.