Core Practice Areas

  • False Advertising and Unfair Competition

    Healthy competition may be the driving force behind many industries, but unfair competition has the potential to be truly devastating. Our lawyers have handled various cases dealing with federal Lanham Act claims as well as California’s notorious Unfair Competition Law and False Advertising Law and can serve your business efficiently and effectively.

    The firm has litigated close to 100 false advertising case pertaining to nutritional supplements, ranging from sports supplements, male enhancement products, and anti-aging supplements.  The firm has represented companies seeking to level the playing field against competitors who break the rules, as well as consumers who have been deceived by marketing of nutritional supplements.

    Our firm has significant experience holding companies accountable for false statements made to consumers associated with services sold through apps in the so-called sharing economy

  • Intellectual Property

    Intellectual property laws have not caught up with innovation. Our firm has been on the cutting edge of the friction between intellectual property law and the widespread dissemination of content across new platforms. We have protected clients whose intellectual property rights have been infringed, and have successfully defended businesses against copyright trolls. We have also litigated numerous right of publicity cases under California’s expansive right of publicity statute.