Tauler Smith LLP specializes in high-stakes commercial litigation representing both plaintiffs and defendants in a variety of areas, including: false advertising, business disputes, and unfair competition.

Graduates of Harvard Law School, founders Robert Tauler and Matthew J. Smith have broad expertise in complex litigation, including false advertising, unfair competition and Lanham Act litigation.

  • Focused

    We focus exclusively on trial and appellate law. We are both aggressive and trial ready, and we focus on getting to the heart of the dispute as quickly as possible. Because we focus only on litigation, we do not suffer from the conflicts of interest problems that often arise in larger law firms. Because we represent both plaintiffs and defendants, we understand the opposition’s case as well as our own. The firm also accepts only a limited number of engagements to ensure that our clients receive a degree of personalized attention that reflects our unwavering dedication to their interests.

  • Innovative

    We work with clients to resolve complex litigation problems through creative problem solving. We evaluate and prepare each case from inception to prepare for trial, which serves to increase the likelihood of a favorable settlement while ensuring that the case is ready for trial. In addition to understanding the basic litigation problems at work, we also work to understand the broader legal and regulatory framework within which our clients operate. Where appropriate, we work with clients to have an impact on the legal architecture of their industries.

    We also work with clients to reduce the impact of litigation within organizations. To minimize the impact of the discovery process, for example, we harness leading technology to improve efficiency and reduce litigation costs. Our approach focuses on helping our clients formulate and implement detailed electronic data strategies, as well as creating the infrastructure necessary to preserve, collect and process data for discovery and presentation at trial. For institutional clients with electronic data protocols and systems in place, we work side-by-side to leverage their existing assets and comply with discovery obligations.

  • Dynamic

    We are built to be nimble, and one of the firm’s core values is to embrace change. We focus on helping our clients navigate both changes within the market-place and within litigation. We recognize that litigation can have a major impact on our clients’ balance sheet, as well as create distractions for their personnel.

    We develop litigation strategies designed to control fees and costs and reduce the day-to-day impact of prosecuting and defending actions on clients’ operations and personnel. We use combinations of hourly, contingency and mixed-fee structures designed to suit each individual case. We are built to operate with much lower overhead than institutional-type law firms. Consequently, we provide the highest caliber representation at costs substantially lower than firms that adhere to traditional business models.

    We also work cooperatively with other law firms. We are experienced trial and appellate lawyers, and we team with clients and law firms to complement existing resources.