The Newport Beach intellectual property lawyers at Tauler Smith LLP understand the importance of IP ownership rights for many business owners. Sometimes, litigation is needed to protect business owners, particularly when intellectual property rights are involved. Our attorneys know the nuances of federal laws governing copyright, trademark, and patent law. We also have the experience and the knowledge needed to take these cases through the legal system and achieve successful outcomes in court.

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Tauler Smith LLP Recognized as Top Intellectual Property Law Firm for Newport Beach, CA

Tauler Smith LLP is one of the go-to intellectual property law firms in the country. Our Newport Beach litigators have been recognized by major news and legal publications for excellence in intellectual property law. We are often called upon by media outlets to provide analysis and expertise on important legal developments.

Our Newport Beach intellectual property lawyers can provide knowledgeable legal counsel in any type of IP matter so that you can make an informed decision about how to proceed with your case. We can also advise you about proactive strategies you should take to avoid costly IP disputes in the future. This may include structuring your business to protect your most important intellectual property assets, drafting employment non-disclosure agreements to protect trade secrets, and due diligence on copyright and trademark registration applications.

Copyright Law

The Newport Beach copyright lawyers at Tauler Smith LLP are well-rounded, and we have the experience needed to handle all types of copyright matters, including copyright infringement, copyright defense, copyright registration, and copyright licensing agreements. If you need assistance responding to a copyright demand letter or DMCA notice and defending against an allegation of IP infringement, we know how to aggressively counter claims brought by copyright trolls who are trying to pressure legitimate business owners and website operators into paying a cash settlement. On the other hand, if a competing business or another individual has violated your IP rights by publishing a copyrighted image or distributing an original creation without your permission, we can pursue an injunction to stop the unauthorized use and help you get financial compensation.

Trademark Law

The Newport Beach trademark lawyers at Tauler Smith LLP actively litigate disputes over registered trademarks. In fact, opposing attorneys know that Tauler Smith attorneys are not afraid to do battle in the courtroom, which is why they take our pre-trial communications and settlement discussions very seriously. We have a history of success with complex trademark cases, and we know what is needed to win at trial. Our litigators can take over a trademark dispute on short notice and represent you at a preliminary injunction hearing, discovery conference, or settlement discussion. We can protect you against trademark infringement and help you with all aspects of trademark law, including aggressive and proactive protection of your product name, logo, design, and product packaging.

Trade Secrets Law

A company’s formulas, designs, strategies, and other trade secrets are likely to be vital to its success, particularly when that information is not known by others outside the company. If that information is exposed and shared with competitors, it can have devastating financial consequences for the business. That’s why federal and California trade secret law protects large companies, small businesses, and start-ups against theft of trade secrets. It’s also why it may prove vital for you to speak with a knowledgeable Newport Beach trade secret lawyer as soon as possible about taking steps to protect your trade secrets through confidentiality agreements, non-compete clauses, and other contracts.

Right of Publicity Law

Newport Beach right of publicity lawyers will tell you that California has strong protections for the privacy rights of actors, musicians, models, and other celebrities whose likenesses are used in commercials, online advertisements, and social media accounts. Moreover, with the increased popularity of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, OnlyFans, and other social media platforms, many non-celebrities have found that their images, names, voices, and other aspects of their likeness are being used commercially to promote products on the internet.

The purpose of California Civil Code section 3344 is to ensure that living celebrities have a cause of action to file a civil suit when their publicity rights are used without permission, while California Civil Code section 3344.1 (also known as the Celebrities Rights Act) grants the same rights to the heirs of deceased celebrities. Additionally, California common law allows non-celebrities to bring similar lawsuits when their name, voice, or photo is used without authorization.

Newport Beach, California

Newport Beach is a seaside city in Orange County, California. The city has a total area of 53 square miles, and a population of more than 85,000 people. Newport Beach is situated along the Pacific Coast, with multiple beaches making it a major tourist destination. The city has more than six (6) miles of ocean coastlines and 2.5 miles of beaches.

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