The Newport Beach trial lawyers at Tauler Smith LLP provide high-quality legal services to clients in several practice areas, including business disputes, false advertising, and intellectual property. We’ve got a track record of success with these types of cases and decades of combined experience in California courtrooms. We pride ourselves on preparing every case for trial, which is one reason why opposing attorneys know that they must take us seriously. In fact, the respect that we’ve garnered from our peers in the legal profession has proven to be a major asset for us during settlement negotiations, which often result in favorable outcomes for our clients before there is even a need to go to trial.

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Business Disputes

The Newport Beach business dispute lawyers at Tauler Smith LLP are experienced litigators who will tailor our legal strategy to meet your specific needs. Whether you are a partner in a large corporation, a small business owner, an investor in a start-up company, or an individual artist, we can help you at every stage of the legal process. We represent plaintiffs and defendants in commercial litigation involving unfair competition, breach of contract disputes, shareholder agreements, partnership disputes, employee severance agreements, and trade secret misappropriation. Additionally, our attorneys have significant experience with this type of civil litigation in California and federal courts, so we know how to advise you and represent your business interests from the beginning of the lawsuit until its culmination.

False Advertising

When a company uses false statements, misleading labels, or other types of shady business practices, customers ultimately suffer the consequences. The good news is that California has some of the strongest consumer protection laws in the country, such as the Consumers Legal Remedies Act (CLRA) and the Unfair Competition Law (UCL). These laws exist because people should not have to worry about losing their money to unethical companies. Common examples of false advertising include dishonest statements on retail products that intentionally mislead customers with inaccurate information or that omit important details about a product or service; deceptive labeling practices that misinform customers about ingredients on food products or nutritional supplements; product defects that result in injuries or health concerns for consumers; and hidden costs, subscription fees, or automatic renewals that are concealed in a bill or invoice.

The Newport Beach false advertising attorneys at Tauler Smith LLP are dedicated to helping victims of consumer fraud. We represent clients in both consumer class actions and individual lawsuits, and we can help you file a false advertising claim in state or federal court.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property can be a critical component of your competitive advantage, which is why it is so important to make sure that your most valuable IP assets are protected. The fact is that IP law can ensure that your business remains competitive and profitable in the future by protecting your exclusive rights to a product or service. If you ever sell your business, you may find that the intellectual property you own is one of the most valuable assets, particularly if it has helped to build goodwill with customers.

Our legal team advises clients in every aspect of intellectual property law, including copyright, trademark, trade secrets, and right of publicity. We can assist you with IP infringement claims, licensing agreements, and trade secret agreements. If you need help with copyright licensing, trademark licensing, or any other type of intellectual property transaction, the Newport Beach IP lawyers at Tauler Smith LLP can provide you with knowledgeable legal representation grounded in years of experience.

About Newport Beach, California

Newport Beach is a city in Orange County with a population of roughly 85,000 people. The median household income in Newport Beach is more than $106,000. Just 8% of the population is classified as living below the poverty line. Major neighborhoods and communities that are part of Newport Beach include Balboa Island, Corona del Mar, Lido Peninsula, Newport Coast, San Joaquin Hills, Santa Ana Heights, and West Newport.

Beaches are a popular destination in Newport Beach, which has six (6) miles of coastline and several beaches along the coast from the Santa Ana River to the Balboa Peninsula. Every year, thousands of residents and tourists visit Corona del Mar State Beach and Crystal Cove State Park, among other hot spots for surfing, swimming, and fishing. A popular activity for visitors to Newport Beach is whale watching, with charter boats taking people from the shoreline at Newport Harbor. Whales and dolphins can also be seen directly from the Balboa Pier and the Newport Pier.

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