The Tauler Smith LLP legal team understands just how important a company’s intellectual property can be to its financial bottom line. That’s why our Austin intellectual property lawyers are dedicated to helping business owners protect their IP rights through aggressive legal strategies, including litigation if necessary. We have extensive experience litigating these types of cases in Texas courtrooms, and we understand both federal and state laws governing copyright, trademark, patent, and trade secrets law.

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Tauler Smith LLP Represents Plaintiffs and Defendants in Austin Intellectual Property Cases

If you need help with an intellectual property matter, you can count on our Austin litigators to do comprehensive research and weigh the costs and benefits of all available legal options before we decide on the best course of action for your case. We can also give you support and guidance on related IP matters like trade secret non-disclosure agreements, copyright registration applications, trademark registration applications, and IP licensing deals.

Copyright Claims

The Austin copyright team at Tauler Smith LLP represent individuals and businesses in copyright infringement claims involving the unauthorized distribution of a written or other creative work, the use of an original song without first securing licensing rights, or the publication of a photograph or video without permission. If your intellectual property rights have been violated, we are prepared to take aggressive action by first sending a copyright cease & desist letter to the offending party, and then by following through with a copyright claim in federal court, if necessary. We can also defend you against a copyright infringement allegation. In fact, we have experience dealing with copyright trolls who threaten litigation for the sole purpose of getting a quick cash settlement.

Trademark Claims

Tauler Smith LLP handles trademark infringement claims in Austin and everywhere else in Texas. Our Austin trademark attorneys are often called upon to take over trademark litigation on short notice because we know how to efficiently navigate the complicated legal process and get cases to trial. Prior to trial, we may attempt to negotiate a favorable settlement that minimizes your legal costs and maximizes your financial compensation for any trademark violation that has occurred. We can also take steps to ensure that every aspect of your intellectual property – including your brand name, logo, design, and packaging – is protected against infringement by competitors.

Trade Secret Law

A company’s trade secrets may include formulas, designs, algorithms, client lists, etc. This information can be extremely valuable, which is why it is important for businesses to take steps to protect it from being stolen and used by competitors. For example, a disgruntled ex-employee might share the confidential information with a competing business and cause substantial damage to their former employer. Whether you are the owner of a large company, a small business, or a start-up, you need to make sure that your trade secrets are safeguarded against theft and misappropriation. This is where a knowledgeable Austin trade secret lawyer can help you by drafting a confidentiality agreement or enforcing a non-compete clause in an existing agreement.

Right of Publicity Law in Texas

The Texas right of publicity law protects an individual’s right to benefit financially from their name or likeness. Additionally, this right of publicity can be transferred to another person via contract or trust, or automatically to a spouse or child after death. Basically, the law bars anyone from using your name, voice, photograph, or likeness in any commercial context, such as advertising for products, goods, or services. In the age of social media, many people can monetize aspects of their likeness through Instagram, Facebook, and OnlyFans. When someone misappropriates your name or likeness by using it without permission, it may be possible to bring a civil suit and seek financial compensation.

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